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Tantra Massage in Moscow and aroma oils deliver a lot of fun

Oil stimulating blood circulation ( ginger, rosemary, oregano) good to use in the winter to warm. and in order to develop immunity to cold good to use such oils as lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree and others. Fennel, geranium, tangerine, orange and citric these oil promote digestion and help fight obesity and can improve mood and inner balance of people.

Sensual Body to body nude massage

With a wide range of methods of aromatherapy which are not limited the magical properties of fragrances can be used individually, taking into account all the features of your health, psychological state, nature and erotic mood. Erotic Massage is the session of health granted to us by ancestors from which blows as wisdom of the East, courages ingenuity of the west, mysticism of the Middle Ages.

We are happy to become your guide to the world of magic flavors, pleasure, joy and health!

The possibility of medicinal properties of essential oils are not limited. Aroma oil actively influence the emotions and psychological state can not only adjust the mood and performance, but also help to overcome stress, depressive disorders, complex psychological problems and complexes.



Massage for couples
Massage for couples
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