Massage for couples

End of your hard working day is a perfect time for a good massage in Moscow by our team. Relax under the soft hands in a perfect massage session. Feel comfortable to spend a few moments your precious time to relax body and soul, to enter a world of tenderness after a hard working day. Moscow Massage Services offer all types of massage - from Tantra, Swedish, Relax,  anti-stress or Sensual Massage Session. Our professional staff will be able to choose the best suitable massage program to help you relieve your stress, nervous and muscular tension or even get rid of depression. We provide Massage services also in hotel and apartments.

Stretching and deep tissue massage Tantra and Swedish like Thai have become increasingly popular in Moscow. during a massage session the therapist enters into a partnership with the client and focuses an area of the body experiencing blocked energy. Meridian points are  stimulated with firm finger pressure releasing energy if don't correctly. Starts also play an important part of Thai therapy, which is often done on a floor or mat without oil.  After a Thai massage session the client feels a restored balance a more flexible body and a refreshed sense of energy. It is any wonder this massage style has so many new fans?

massage for couples

Thai Massage
Thai Massage
Thai Massage in Moscow